Level Up: 5 Rules of Effective Leadership

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Level Up: 5 Rules of Effective Leadership

Marketing specialists, Level Up is committed to developing young professionals into effective leaders. Here they share their top tips on developing a successful leadership style. 

Many influential factors contribute to an individual’s leadership capabilities. Although personality types play a crucial role in shaping leadership traits, there are several other factors that all successful leaders demonstrate. Many leaders use the ancient personal development tool, the Enneagram to identify their personality type and use this knowledge to develop their leadership skills. This tool also highlights five essential conditions every leader must adhere to in order to be truly effective.

Leaders must be self-aware – to display effective leadership skills; it is first of all important for individuals to have a comprehensive understanding of their own emotions and motivations. By developing a heightened level of self-awareness, good leaders can make better decisions, plan effective strategies and maintain long-lasting relationships.

Leaders must know what drives them – Individuals who can identify what motivates their actions are more likely to succeed as leaders. Effective leaders should be able to not only motivate their team but also drive themselves when things don’t appear to be going as planned.

Leaders must be committed to growth – Once an individual can identify their personality type and understand their strengths and weaknesses, they will be better equipped to understand how they can overcome their weaknesses and put together a strategy that supports their own personal and professional development.

Leaders must see the best in their teammates – to get the best out of a workforce; good leaders need to be able to identify the unique characteristics of each of their team members and gain an understanding of what motivates each of them. By doing this, leaders can develop empathy for their team and build an environment that brings out the best in everyone and promotes growth and success.

Leaders must be committed to growth – Successful leaders understand how stagnation can have a detrimental effect on team morale and have an adverse impact on the overall growth and success of business. Leaders who are committed to the ongoing growth and development of their team are more likely to build a loyal and engaged workforce that are dedicated to achieving the company’s objectives.

Based in Manayunk, Philadelphia, Level Up are an outsourced marketing firm that specializes in providing their clients with bespoke, direct marketing campaigns in order to increase customer satisfaction and generate more sales.

Discussing the importance of developing leadership skills, Level Up’s CEO, Beverly P. says “Strong leadership skills are critical to anyone who is looking to become a successful entrepreneur. We are fully committed to helping young professionals develop the fundamental skills and attributes needed to be strong leaders in the business world and offer a wealth of mentorship and development opportunities to help our workforce forge a successful career for themselves.”


Source: Michael Hyatt