Best Places To Visit In St. Louis

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Best Places To Visit In St. Louis

Whether you’re looking for a fun day trip,  exploring the city or you’re ready to hit the town for some nightlife fun, St. Louis has exciting and original experiences for anyone visiting the area. 

Here are the best places to go to when you’re in St. Louis

Missouri Botanical Garden 

The Missouri Botanical Garden—also known as the Shaw Garden— includes a rose garden, a Japanese garden along with an “aqua-tunnel” under a water-lily pool. 

Relax and smell the roses, along with other tropical plants and flowers at the Garden. 

Within the garden are several tourist attractions with teaching horticulture in mind. There is a prairie village and treehouse, along with an exhibit titled “Cave Experience”, which is a man-made cave for visitors to explore. 


The Saint Louis Zoo .

This zoo, located in Forest Park, is a free attraction for families and friends to go to see all the animals. With more than 12,000 animals across 500 species, there’s lions, tigers and bears (oh my) along with many others to learn about and see!

There are also kid attractions at the Zoo, including a carousel, miniature Zoo railroad and Sea Lion shows that require the purchase of tickets for these attractions.  


The City Museum

For those who are looking to explore and see the unordinary, head to the City Museum. 

It is located in a hundred-year-old warehouse in downtown St. Louis in which artists have repurposed the pieces of old cities to build miles of tunnels, slides, climbers, bridges, and castles.  

There are secret passages and grand galleries, playgrounds and ball pits. A circus and a train are also included along with  a rooftop school bus and a Ferris wheel—many places to explore!

This delightfully entertaining facility has attractions that both children and adults will appreciate. 


The Delmar Loop 

For those who are looking for a great bar crawl and lineup of restaurants, Delmar Loop is the place to go. 

This area has coffee shops, theatres for shows, diverse restaurants and bars along with clubs and hookah lounges for those who love nightlife events. 

Gateway Arch 

When you think of St. Louis, you think of the Arch—and I’m not talking about McDonalds’ golden arches.

 In the center of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park is the giant crowd-bringing Arch, recognized as a symbol of the city’s role as the “Gateway to the West”. 

Visitors can take elevators up to the highest point of the arch from the observation platform, or viewers can see the arch as a whole on riverboats and from helicopter rides—or from the ground for those afraid of heights. The sights to see from the observation platform showcase the St. Louis area. 


With many options for ages all around, St. Louis has attractions and places that can suit any event preferences. Convinced to visit St. Louis? Comment below which place you have visited or would like to visit!

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